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Corporate Social Responsibility

We are a research-based pharmaceutical company. Our mission is to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.

We believe that through our business we make a valuable contribution to society by developing and marketing medicines which improve people's lives. Our philosophy is to target support to selected programs that are innovative, sustainable and which produce tangible results.

CSR in India

We follow the rationale that we are linked closely to the communities in which we operate- locally, nationally or globally. We cannot exist in isolation. All our actions are focused around this feeling of being centered.

Our stated mission statement is "To lend a helping hand to the underserved in our society through the support of women, children and the aged in the areas of health and education." Implementing this philosophy in spirit, we make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate, and invest in health and education programs and partnerships that aim to bring sustainable improvements to underserved people.

Our core value - we care

Being a premier pharmaceutical company in the country, GSK's core value is to be a good corporate citizen. It is committed to the communities in which it works. Support to the community through various social development initiatives is the way through which it invests in society. This is done by supporting social projects in partnership with not for profit organizations both in rural and urban areas.

Our initiatives are primarily focused towards women, children and the aged and are directed in the areas of Health, Education and Livelihood. We believe that these areas are related and of direct concern to GSK. If there is proper education, one will eventually learn to be hygienic, and if one is hygienic, will one remain healthy. The organization facilitates in educating masses on good practices of healthy living.

At GlaxoSmithKline India, the activities towards community development are taken care by Corporate Social Responsibility Cell attached to the Corporate Communications Department. Since 1970, the Company has been implementing various social activities in the field apart from statutory ones. The following initiatives are being carried through the company's Corporate Social Responsibility cell situated at its Head Office in Mumbai.

What we do

We provide money, medicines, time and equipment to non-profit organizations to help improve health and education in underserved communities. We focus on programs that are 'innovative, sustainable and bring real benefits to those most in need'.

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About GSK

About GSK

GSK is committed to developing new and effective healthcare solutions. The values on which the group was founded have always inspired growth and will continue to do so in times to come