Information for Healthcare Professionals

The Government of India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has prohibited the manufacturing and sale of the drug Rosiglitazone and its formulations for human use in the country.

As a result, physicians are being advised that patients on Rosiglitazone need to be transitioned to an alternative treatment option.

Directions to Patients

Patients who are currently taking Rosiglitazone medicines should meet their doctor to discuss suitable alternative treatment option.

Patients must not stop their medicines without talking with their doctor.

Patients who have any questions should speak to their doctor.

Directions to Chemists and Druggists

Chemists and Druggists should be aware that Rosiglitazone medicines would not be available.

They should advise the patients presenting the prescription on these medicines to consult their doctors / physicians so that their treatment can be amended as needed.

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About GSK

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